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Creating Stress Free Corporate Events

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Over the years I've performed at many corporate events. My corporate show has been featured at large companies like the Kimpton Hotel chain, to small industrial clients like Transply. Corporate events are no small undertaking, regardless of the size of the company and can be very stressful to plan. Fortunately, they don't have to be! Over the years, I've learned some tricks to to create an awesome, stress-free corporate event. I'll cover these tips over a series of posts, because who wants information overload?!

1. Think Early Start planning as soon as possible. From an entertainment perspective, if you wait to hire a good act until the last month, chances are they won't be available. Book the entertainment as soon as possible! For example, this month, I had to turn down over ten show requests because I was already booked! Hire early, no regrets later!

2. Plan, Plan, Plan Never leave anything to chance or simply hope it will work out. A recent textbook example of flying by the seat of your pants for an event is Fyre festival. If you haven't heard of the disaster that is Fyre Festival, go to Netflix or Hulu and you'll find two excellent rival documentaries, they show step by step all the details left to chance and how red flags were ignored. Fyre Festival was so bad, it required two documentaries! When you plan an event, focus on the details and follow through to the end. Don't set your event on Fyre!

3. Do your Homework Ask the comedian, juggler, magician, knife thrower etc. you're considering for your event to supply some testimonials or contact info from previous clients. My best selling tool is word of mouth advertising. Btw that type of advertising only works if you're good! You only get one chance to impress and wow your attendees, make sure you pick the right act to make that impact!

4. Buyer Beware Look for signs of a professional act. If the act you're considering doesn't have a promo video, run! This tells you they aren't experienced enough to know what perspective clients want to see, it's likely they're not ready for your next company party, function, or trade show.

5. Feng Shui your event Create a realistic itinerary that helps one event flow to the next. Think realistically about how you want the event to unfold. Most events have a natural flow, one activity leads to the next. If you interrupt one part of your event to move onto another too quickly, the flow will suffer. Take time to visualize the flow and anticipate what should come next. That doesn't mean you have to be rigid with your schedule. Eg: If people are dancing, keep that going, if they aren't, move on to the next planned event.

More tips to come. In the meantime, check out my video:

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