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New Throwing Knife Board Design Unveiled!

As you all know, in November I split my board and it was decided, I need a new design! With my last board, the main goal was portability, namely, the ability to fly with the board. Things are different now, I'm back on the mainland in the states, so I don't have to be solely concerned with that. I decided the main features for this board would be ease of set-up/break-down and stand stability.

My old board took about 10-15 minutes to set up and about 10 to break down. The awesome thing was, my wife/roadie could handle the set up totally alone, saving me that time. The new design is the same size, but the board is a single piece with hinges as opposed to ten small pieces. Obviously, much heavier, now I would have to handle the carrying and the positioning on the stand. Change is hard!

We finished the new board February 10th and used it for the first time later that night at Paradise Stream Resort. I was kind of nervous about how I would like it, plus using new props for the first time is a little nerve wracking. Carrying it wasn't difficult, it just took an extra trip because the new stand is a 5 ft ladder, they don't fit neatly into a roller bag anymore! Bianca opened the ladder, I flipped the board open, a few clips connected and BOOM! It was ready for me to throw knives at! The whole thing goes up in a minute and a half max. I'm loving the new design, it's so fast to set up and it's super stable on the stand! So glad the old one broke!

My New Hipster Throwing Knife Board

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