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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I always feared this would happen and it finally did.

My throwing knife board design has changed a few times since it's creation, the goal has been light weight but also strong. My most recent design allowed me to travel with the board in a suitcase. I'm not sure how many miles or performances the board has on it, but the time has come to consider a new design.

New design coming soon!

I have several new prototypes mocked up and possible color schemes.

I Don't Know My Own Strength

I knew the board was nearing the end of it's life span, I've already doctored it up a few times. During my last show at Rocking Horse Ranch, I threw my usual practice throws and as I pulled the knives out, I saw the edge of one blade completely sliced through the wood! I now understand how Thor feels. After the show I figured everything would hold up a little longer, but the board NOPED out! It completely split in two, Karate-style. See the moment on video....I replaced the split board, which is temporary, and I'm looking forward to an entirely new board design

Current Throwing Knife Board goals: 1. Lightning fast set-up 2. Harnessing my incredible throwing power

In my workshop, fixing the carnage I created!

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