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Updated: Nov 26, 2018

I get this question A LOT!!! But I get asked "Why did you move back?!?" even more. I'll answer both. 🌎

Living in the Caribbean is amazing in so many ways. My wife, Bianca, 2 dogs (Sam and Casey) and I lived waaay outside the tourist areas on the island of St. Lucia. We lived in the most remote area on the island, that was idyllic, we had a beautiful view in a peaceful area. We saw rainbows daily. We had great weather almost everyday, easy and free access to beautiful and basically private beaches (we're talking 2 mins to the beach). The water was always warm and very calm.

This is a view of Petite Piton, one of the beautiful volcanic mountains on St. Lucia
This is a view of Petite Piton, one of the beautiful volcanic mountains on St. Lucia. I have many variations of this picture, we visited these beaches a lot!

We went so often, our smart dog, Casey, started realizing what beach gear meant and she got crazy excited to go. They drive on the left side of the road and the roads are full of pot holes, so driving became like a game of "try not to rip your vehicle apart". I got really good at it! We ended up importing a vehicle from Japan, because it was more cost effective to get a better quality car directly from Japan... 🚗Who knew? The pace of life was very slow, so we had much more time for people and got to spend a lot of time together as a family. We were even able to get scuba certified at a resort 10 minutes from us. Bianca made most of our meals from scratch, there aren't a lot of convenience foods and if you do buy them, they're 5x more expensive than in the states. She also made the dogs food for them too, dog food is crazy expensive too! 🐶🍚That was a positive for us, we never really HAD to cook, because almost everything is pre-made. We learned a completely different way of life, the way the islands do things required lots of flexibility on our part and we were always learning something new. That was a great period of our life!

Why did we move back? Over time the distance between us and our families started to bother us. MANY babies were being born and we were missing so many family events. Airline travel is always stressful, but customs was the worst, it was a huge hassle to have to answer a bunch of questions about why you're staying in St. Lucia so long. We also had to pay a fee each month to immigration, you don't get anything for that money, besides the privilege of spending your money in a country you aren't a citizen of. Yes, I am bitter about that.😡 They take your passport for 5 days while the "process" your information, then you travel back to the capitol (2 hours one way) to pick up your passport. I had also grappled with the government of St. Lucia to be able to secure a work permit (foreigners can't work legally without a permit) for almost two years. I offered my show to the resorts and had multiple shows at 3 of the large resorts. My act went over really well, the audiences are mostly American, Canadian and from the U.K. Unfortunately, the process was longer than I could realistically wait. Ultimately, we never felt fully settled, there was always something missing, because it was in another country. As much as I loved living in the Caribbean, I couldn't live there forever. We decided to move back to the US in May 2018. I was more than ready to be with our families and get back to work! So far it's gong well for us. I'm really enjoying improving my act and working consistently, without needing a work permit! 😉

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