Reviews and Testimonials

Ron Strauss - Resort Guest

We saw Stephen Caruso at Cove Have, up in the Poconos the other day. This guy has an amazing talent, along with a personality that draws you right into his show!! The juggling tricks, the jokes, his interaction with everyone made for an awesome night! Of course, since he “Loves” the state we live in so much, (lol) we were picked to be up on stage!! We had a blast!! If you ever get a chance to see one of his shows, “GO”, you will not be disappointed!! Stephen, thank you for a fun and entertaining ending to our day!! We wish you all the best in your future!!

Paul Strycharz - Resort Guest

Very awesome show. Steve is a great guy. Would definitely see his show again.

Jeff Smith - Resort Guest

What an amazing and talented guy, definitely keeps your attention and the audiences throughout his whole show, I would highly recommend seeing it, I’ll be seeing his show again next chance I get, TWO THUMBS UP.

Adam Faggionato - Resort Guest

Seen him at cove haven resorts and he was very funny and entertaining